‘They don’t know the law’: Lawyer says FIFA boss threatened to go to jail over leaked emails

RTÉ News reports that a former FIFA chief lawyer has told an Irish newspaper that FIFA president Sepp Blatter threatened to prosecute him and his law firm if he released the leaked emails from the FIFA ethics committee.

The law firm of Róisín Ó Muilleoir said in a statement that it has received a series of emails from a third party, but did not disclose which email it was referring to.

The emails show that Blatter has been under pressure from members of the public and others to release the emails, which he did in August.

“Mr Blatter, at the time of the email exchanges, was under pressure to release all the emails of the committee in question, to the satisfaction of the majority of the members of his own committee,” the firm said.

“The emails also demonstrate that the majority have been in favour of withholding the emails from public view.

In fact, the majority has been in the opposite position.”

Blatter resigned as FIFA president in May following the arrest of more than 20 football officials in Zurich, Switzerland, over a bribery scandal.