How to use YouTube to make your own audio videos

Posted February 08, 2018 07:30:00 The best way to get your favorite videos to the world is by making them happen.

YouTube has made this simple, streamlined process even easier by integrating a new feature called Audible Video.

With the new Audible, you can create and share your own soundtracks to YouTube.

The process is fairly simple.

Simply upload a link to your favorite YouTube channel and follow the steps.

Here’s how to use the new feature.


Enter a YouTube channel.

If you already have a YouTube page, just enter your YouTube channel URL and click Create.


Select Audible as your Audible channel.


Choose an Audible artist to choose from.

You’ll need to choose the audio track you want to create and set the audio quality to whatever you’d like.

You can choose to record a short video, edit it into a movie, or put it online.


You’re done!

You can now add audio to your YouTube videos using Audible.

You need to follow these steps again to make a video.


After you’ve made a video, share it via YouTube.

If there’s any video content on your channel that you’d rather keep private, just tap the Share button and you’ll see a link in the top right corner.

If your channel is still available, you’ll be able to share it again.


It’s free, but you’ll need a YouTube Premium account.

To make your next video free, you must be subscribed to YouTube Premium.

If this isn’t an option, then you can always sign up for YouTube’s Audible subscription service.

This will get you all the features that YouTube has to offer, but it’ll also keep your videos private.


You might not get as many views as you would have liked, but your Audibles can still be shared.

If someone clicks the link, you will see a banner telling them that they can get their free Audible video.


You are now free to share your videos with the world.

If it’s something you want everyone to see, that’s great.

You don’t have to wait for your friends to see your videos.

You will still get a link that says “Your Video is Available,” but it will say that it’s free.

The more views you get, the more likely it is that other people will watch your video.

If the video doesn’t get a ton of views, that can be a big deal, because it might affect the success of other videos you might be making.


You have the option to show your Auditions for your videos by adding them to your profile.

You may have heard of Auditions, but they are another way for people to show off their skills to the public.

You want to be as inclusive as possible, so make sure that you are posting a good quality video for Auditions.

You could also make a short movie or audio track for Audition.

It all depends on how successful you are in creating your videos and how many people watch your videos at any one time.