What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in the District of Columbia

By JEFFREY M. CROFT, APA and JOE BERRIEAPERAPER and APB team writerAssociated Press writersJorge Marquez in Washington (AP)Associated Press writerBOGO, Idaho (AP), Sept. 14 (AP): The first coronavillosis cases in the U.S. have been reported in a town near the Idaho border.

The Washington County Health Department said Monday that the Bogue Police Department has confirmed three new cases in Bogue.BOGE, IdahoThe first case in Boggie was confirmed to be from the city of Bogue on Monday.

The first case was reported Saturday.

The department said it is treating the incident as a human exposure, and the department is urging anyone who may have been exposed to an infected person to call 911 immediately.

The first two confirmed cases were reported Saturday in Bogie and Monday in Boca Raton.

The third case was confirmed Monday in Fort Pierce.

The city of Fort Pierce has reported at least two new cases of coronaviral disease since Sept. 8, with four of the new cases occurring in the past three days.

The mayor of Fort Bend County, a small community about 50 miles north of Boca, has said he expects more cases in Fort Bend.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not reported new cases and deaths from coronaviruses in the United States since March.CDC Director Tom Frieden has said the virus may have started to circulate in the West Coast earlier than originally thought, but it appears that cases are starting to appear more frequently in the Midwest and Northeast.