NFL Players React to Trump’s Ban on Transgender Athletes

NFL Players are rallying around a president who says transgender athletes should be banned from the sport.

The league and its players have condemned Trump’s decision to ban transgender athletes from competing in the NFL.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have called for a “full investigation” into the ban, and have promised to support those who seek to challenge the ban.

The players also urged NFL owners to immediately end the policy that has forced them to play their games in public venues.

President Donald Trump’s executive order, which was announced on Friday, bans transgender athletes and their managers from participating in the league.

“As a nation, we should all stand together to stand up for equality, dignity and respect for everyone,” the players said in a statement.

“We stand with our players, and we ask that the NFL and NFLPA continue to work to make the league a safe and inclusive place for all fans to enjoy.”

“The players are united in calling for a thorough investigation into this policy, and to protect our players from discrimination and bullying, as well as the harassment and violence that transphobia has emboldened,” they said.

“There are many, many more deserving and passionate athletes out there than these trans athletes.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called the executive order “disgusting” and “inhumane.”

He told ESPN on Sunday that the league has been working with its teams, players and league offices to “continue to ensure that the players, their families and everyone involved are safe.”

“We’ve had a good week, and I think we’re going to continue to have a good year,” he said.

Trump’s ban, which he has said is necessary to protect players, has sparked fierce debate.

Many players and owners have called the ban discriminatory and unconstitutional, and said it will cause problems for the NFL as it faces the growing number of professional athletes transitioning from male to female.

But Trump has refused to publicly support the ban and has continued to defend it, arguing it is needed to protect the health of athletes.

NFL players have been under pressure to come out as transgender since last month, when the league announced that it was delaying the season to allow the league to determine how to address the policy.

The policy was widely criticized as discriminatory.

“In our country today, it is important for us to have people who can stand up and speak out,” Trump said during the debate.

“It’s very important that we have a diverse group of people who are allowed to speak.

We’re not going to let a group of guys stand up, stand up all over the country and say, ‘We’re not transgendered,’ and we’re not allowed to do it.”

In a statement, the NFL said that “all professional athletes who have competed in the past 12 months will be subject to a full and thorough investigation” before they are allowed back into the league “in the near future.”

“NFL owners will continue to cooperate fully with the NFLPA and the league office, and remain committed to the safe and respectful play that all professional sports enjoy,” the statement said.