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The US economist William Dudley published an article on Wednesday claiming the Powerball could increase from a $1.7bn to $4.8bn by 2020.

He said: The US could be the first major economy to win a Powerball jackpot.

We could get more than $4 billion a year from the prize if we could just do everything we could to stay in the market and keep winning.

And if we had to play a game of chance to stay competitive, it could be a $4bn win for the US, he said.

The odds of winning a Power Ball jackpot increased by more than 8,000% from an earlier estimate of $1bn.

“If you win $2,000 from a lottery jackpot, you win about $6,000 in total,” Dudley told CBS.

So if you win a $2 million Powerball, you will win $6 million in total.

“So that means you have to win $3.5 million to win that $2.5million jackpot.”

In a separate analysis, Dudley said that the odds of the US winning the Power Ball in 2020 were closer to 2,500%.

But he was unsure about how much the jackpot could change.

“There are two ways to play the Powerballs.

One way is to buy a ticket at a gas station or convenience store and play at a big box store.

But I don’t know that that’s a good way,” he said on CBS.

The other way is if you’re lucky enough to get a lottery ticket at the casino, you’ll get the PowerBall.

And that’s the way the lottery should be run.

It should be used for the good of the country, not the lottery.

“Dudley said it would take some time to get the US to the point where the lottery was profitable.”

You have to have people who have been through the lottery and have had some success with it.

So it will take a while before we see a significant jump in the Power-Ball jackpot,” he told CBS’s Face the Nation.

But he said it was important for the country to have a “fair and competitive” system.”

The power of the lottery is in the lottery.

It’s the best way to get people to play.

So you have got to be sure you’re using the power of that system for the right reasons,” he added.

The US is expected to win the Power Balls on Thursday.

The US lottery has won more Powerball prizes than any other country, with $4,634,000.