Which states are safe for workers to return to?

Today’s NBC News live blog is all about the state of play for workers returning to work after a lockdown and lockdown response.

Here are some key moments: *  California: State officials are trying to restore normal operations in California. 

The state is still recovering from last month’s devastating earthquakes that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The state has had no major natural disasters in over a decade.

But a massive earthquake in November killed over 300 people and left a trail of devastation in the Pacific Northwest.

State officials say they expect to have the entire state back to normal by the end of the week.

* *New Jersey: Gov.

Chris Christie and state officials say there are no immediate plans to reopen the state’s ports.

But Christie says that will depend on the state and local emergency management agencies.

Christie says the state is “very confident” it can reopen the ports.

*Pennsylvania: Govs.

Tom Corbett and Rick Santorum both say they are looking to reopen Pennsylvania’s ports after the recent earthquakes and have offered to help Pennsylvania rebuild.

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