Why does a Japanese pop star love Japanese culture?

The singer and actress Kana Nishio is a bit of a fan of Japanese culture, and she even got in on the action by tweeting that she would like to sing “Happy Birthday” to Japan.

The tweet was followed by the tweet that she wants to sing to Japan, and after that she went ahead and made her wish.

Here is a tweet by Nishio to celebrate Japan’s birthday:Happy Birthday to Japan!

Thank you for your love and support. — Kana (@kana_nishio) June 6, 2017Nishio, who is known for her singing roles in anime, has become an international superstar thanks to her work on the popular Japanese television series Dragon Ball Z. She has also been a successful actor, with roles in several films including the animated series Naruto, and the popular anime series Sailor Moon.

While Nishio has enjoyed success in Japan, it seems that she may not have quite the same popularity in the U.S.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is not hard to guess that Nishio would like her country to have a lot more of her fans in the future.

The singer has a following of many fans overseas, but it is difficult to know if this will have any impact on her fan base overseas.