Why NASA is now banning journalists from NASA TV, Twitter live feed

NASA has banned the tweeting of the live feed from NASA Television and the official NASA Twitter account. 

According to the NASA statement, this restriction is to prevent the media from misrepresenting NASA and its work. 

“The ban on tweeting NASA Television is a precautionary measure to protect NASA employees from harm by the media,” NASA said.

“The restrictions will be lifted in the coming days.” 

In July, NASA’s space agency announced that it would ban the tweeting and retweeting of NASA TV and Twitter. 

NASA has previously banned the broadcasting of live news conferences, the posting of press releases and the use of the NASA Twitter feed for official events. 

The ban was not effective at stopping journalists from broadcasting live NASA TV feeds. 

In September, NASA canceled a live-streaming event at its Kennedy Space Center. 

Following the cancellation, NASA issued an apology to the press for not being more transparent about the ban. 

On Friday, NASA tweeted: “This ban on live NASA Television will now apply to all NASA media, including NASA TV.

NASA is committed to transparency and openness.” 

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