The most annoying song ever, by Kanye West

The most obnoxious song ever is a true testament to Kanye West’s genius.

It’s the single that’s become a viral anthem of sorts.

It was one of the tracks on West’s “Watch the Throne” album, and it has since become a fan favorite among his fans.

It is, in essence, the song that got Kanye into trouble.

It features an all-too-familiar, and potentially embarrassing, chorus, which reads, “If you’re a bitch, bitch, you better not be mad/If you think I’m crazy/Cause I’m gonna make you a star.”

“Watch The Throne” also features an incredibly awkward lyric that says, “When you’re mad/You better be mad.”

The song was actually written by Kanye and Jay Z’s brother Jay, and has been released by the group in 2014.

The lyrics are not exactly funny.

They’re actually just not very good, and they have a long way to go to become one of Kanye’s most annoying songs.

But they’re not bad at all.

The chorus is a bit annoying, but the lyrics are the worst part.

“You better not bitch,” it’s said.

“And you better be a bitch,” the chorus goes on.

The best part of the chorus, however, is the line about “when you’re not mad/you better be not mad.”

As someone who grew up listening to Jay Z and Kanye West, I’m not sure how much I enjoy it, but it’s definitely a great example of a song that’s been released before that has been misinterpreted as something else entirely.

The most irritating part of this chorus is that it’s a bit too close to a line from the song “Famous,” which features the same chorus.

It may be obvious, but that line is about how people don’t take shit from each other.

Kanye doesn’t actually say “f— you,” but rather “f–k you.”

I guess Kanye didn’t want to be seen as “fag,” and he was making a reference to the line from “Fame.”

Kanye says, as he goes on, “I don’t wanna be known as a faggot,” but he also says, in the song’s lyrics, “And if you’re faggots, f— you too.”

The chorus then goes on to say, “You don’t deserve your f—ing star, and if you think you’re famous/I’m going to make you famous.”

The lyrics make no sense.

They are, in fact, completely nonsensical.

In fact, if you listen to the entire song, you’ll hear Kanye’s entire verse about how he’s “made you famous,” not a line about how “fags” are “famous.”

It’s not even that funny.

You can actually hear the line, “when a star is born,” as the chorus says, on “WatchTheThrone.”

The rest of the lyrics about how everyone should “make you famous” are just a bit more bizarre, and not as funny.

Kanye says he wrote the lyrics to the song to “make people happy,” and that the lyrics “just make you sad,” but then the lyrics continue to say how he wants people to “know that I love you,” and “I love you like I’m in love.”

Kanye’s lyrics about “fagging” and “faggots” are basically all about how you should be happy.

He wants you to be happy, but he’s also trying to make people “feel good.”

The more ridiculous his lyrics become, the more “f—-ers” start to appear.

Kanye’s “f—–” reference to “f—k” sounds even more ridiculous than the chorus’s, which sounds like it’s meant to be a threat.

It sounds like a threat to actually attack someone.

But when the chorus actually says, and “when fags are f—ed/when f–ks are f–ked,” it sounds more like a reference about how the person you’re talking to should “f—— him.”

This line is also more insulting to the people who are not like Kanye.

Kanye is trying to say that he wants to make them happy.

The “f___ you” is actually a joke, since the lyrics were written before Kanye even heard of “f__k.”

Kanye was just trying to get the crowd to be “foolish,” and to make him feel good.

The whole thing is a big joke, because the lyrics really don’t even make sense.

The song’s chorus is the worst example of Kanye West getting into trouble, and he’s gotten into trouble more than once, including a year and a half ago for “Fade to Black.”

The reason “WatchtheThrone” was made is because Kanye West was being criticized for making it, and people started saying, “Why does he always make music about being famous?

Why does he never make music that makes people happy