When the NHL decides on a new TV contract, its going to be interesting to see what they do with the live feed

On Wednesday, the NHL announced its TV deal with CCL, the broadcast company that operates the NHL Network.

In a statement, NHL Chairman and CEO Brian Burke said, “The CCL deal is the culmination of a long-term relationship that dates back to the original NHL in the late 1980s.

We’ve built a great partnership, built a tremendous brand and created a tremendous amount of value for the NHL in both revenue and in its core fans.

We look forward to continuing to grow this relationship.”

While CCL is now the official broadcast partner for the National Hockey League, it will remain as an independent entity.

It was originally purchased by the league in 1999, when the league announced it would become a publicly-traded company, which required it to adhere to certain rules.

The NHL’s TV deal was announced in June of this year.

In it, the league said it would add “live coverage of the games at home” and a “sports network” to the NHL’s network, with CSL’s content to be a separate company.

Burke said at the time that the network was going to “provide a compelling broadcast experience for all the teams in the NHL.”

The CCL team was going on to play on the NHL network, which is the same one that airs games on NBC.

The network is owned by Fox Sports and also owns the NBA and NFL networks.

The NBA Network has seen a dramatic decline in viewership in recent years, as teams have moved away from it.

It’s unclear whether the NHL will bring CSL back as a live streaming partner.

In a statement to, the NBA said that the NBA Network is not going to rebrand itself as a streaming service.

The network is currently owned by DirecTV.