What’s the most important thing you can learn from the death of Kevin Ward?

Kevin Ward was a musician, a folk singer, a producer and a producer’s musician, but most importantly he was a man who played guitar, a bandleader, a performer, and a singer.

A lot of people remember his playing at the Melbourne Opera House on a night in July 2013 when it was packed, but Kevin Ward, a man of few words, was one of those people who lost his life in an apparent accident at a nightclub in Melbourne.

Kevin Ward had a love of music, but a love for music, that he could be heard on, was the most precious thing to him.

The night was so beautiful, with a beautiful sunset and the city, I was singing along to the music, it was just me and a friend and the music was so good, and I couldn’t have done it without my friends, so that’s what made me do it, but it’s also the love that I had for music and the love for people.

I was always in love with people, that’s my favourite thing, but at the same time, I also felt like I was doing it for other people.

And that’s how I lost my life.

The music that I loved to do, that I love to sing about, that is a big part of my life, but the most amazing thing is that he was also a musician.

Kevin’s music was part of his life, so much of his music, I feel like he was just like my dad, that music that we all love, he just had that same passion for it.

So, the music he played was the music that he loved to play.

I love the music I play, that doesn’t matter, it’s the people that I am with and that I play music for that makes me happy, so I can’t have any regrets about it.

The fact that I can sing it is amazing, because I can see how he was having the time of his lives and I love that.

There’s not too many people that can do that, that can make me happy and that’s the thing that I always want to do.

You know, you can sing, you know, play a guitar and be happy, but you can’t do it alone, you have to share that with someone else.

And so, that makes a big difference to me.

You have to be in a group, and the thing is, I’m not alone, I’ve got my family, and so I feel very fortunate, but I’m also very lucky to be surrounded by people that are just like me, that have the same love for their art, and that makes my life so much better.

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