How to make a new ‘Big Bang Theory’ character from scratch – live from TBS studio

NEW YORK — The Big Bang Theory and CBS are teaming up for a new comedy, as the network and CBS Studios announced the signing of star actor Joe Manganiello to star as an “angry, frustrated” scientist.

The pilot will be produced by Manganielli, whose credits include movies such as the “Hollow Man” and “The Big Lebowski.”

Manganiella will play Dr. Richard Lebowitz, a scientist who discovers a way to turn people into super-villains.

Manganiells character is voiced by former Big Bang cast member Michael J. Fox.

Mangiells new TV role is the first time the actor will be on a show without a co-star.

Mangieton will appear in the pilot alongside his co-stars John Krasinski, Kevin Harrigan, and Zachary Levi.

Mangigena and his co the cast of CBS’ The Big Bangs reboot and “Big Bangs” reboot will appear as well.

Mangiegalello is repped by CAA and attorney Jeff Sussman.