How to get a ‘fake’ Google+ account to ‘fake-up’ newsfeed

The first time you’re on Google’s homepage, you’re presented with a familiar search bar.

Google is the primary search engine in India.

But for a number of years, the search engine has been a platform for some very popular and trusted news sources to spread their content.

The main search engine is owned by Google, but it’s been an independent, not-for-profit entity since 2013.

The company was founded by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a bid to make its search engine more efficient, and Google News, which is the main news aggregation platform, was created in 2014.

But when news sources started asking for fake accounts to fake-up their news feeds, Google had a hard time believing them.

And, the company had to take action to protect its users.

After many complaints from news publishers, Google finally launched a new system in 2015, which allowed for verified accounts to “fake-out” their news feed by changing the language in their Google+ profiles to be the same as that of the actual news sources.

The new system is called “Google News Verified Accounts”.

A search for “fake Google” shows a pop-up with the “fake” label.

This is the fake account that Google is telling people to fake.

But it doesn’t look like the real Google, because it is a verified Google account.

A fake Google account doesn’t exist.

A new page shows a list of the verified Google accounts that have been allowed to fake out their newsfeeds.

The fake accounts were created in July, and have been available on the Google News website since then.

The list includes a number that are verified, and are no longer active.

It also includes a group of accounts that are either inactive or fake.

The list of verified Google News accounts is updated regularly.

The real Google is, for now, a different person from the one that’s in charge of the search and news aggregation platforms.

The real Google has a different name, address, and phone number.

He also has a distinct accent.

But this isn’t the first time Google has been involved in a controversy over fake accounts.

In 2014, Google banned the creation of a fake Google+ page.

And this year, the same company has started removing verified accounts that appear to be fake.

Google has also asked publishers to remove their verified accounts, and it’s working on a policy that will prevent them from being able to fake accounts of other Google+ accounts.

Google has also been cracking down on fake news on its own, and has started a new initiative that allows its publishers to submit news stories directly to its own news portal.

The Google News Verification team, which has been running on Google since 2013, has taken up the task of policing the fake accounts that publishers submit to Google News.

The verification team is also working on removing verified Google+ content.

“It is not a good experience for users to have their news or personal information taken down by fake accounts,” said Amit Gopalan, the VP of news for Google, in a statement.

“We’re looking into ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

We want to ensure that our users have access to accurate, trusted and credible news and information, and we’ll continue to work to make Google News the most trusted news source in the world.”

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Google News is a new service that’s supposed to help users discover new newsworthy topics.

But users can also submit content to the site and have it added to their own Google+ feeds.

Users can also view other people’s comments about a news topic, and comment on it.

Google News has been around for several years now.

Its primary function is to allow users to submit articles that have relevance to their news interests, but also to be added to other Google news feeds and to be indexed by other search engines.

Google said that this verification system was developed after a number other news services were having similar problems with verified accounts.