How will Joe Biden react to the coronavirus crisis?

Joe Biden will be in New York City for the inauguration on Friday, but his first public appearance in the city has been delayed after he received a dose of the virus.

The vice president will make his first visit to the city since the coronivirus pandemic.

In addition to a brief stop at his New York office, Biden will travel to Philadelphia to attend the Philadelphia Eagles game.

A handful of officials from the city’s Department of Public Health and the city Health Department are on standby, and Biden’s aides say he is doing well.

Biden will be the first vice president to visit the city for a coronaviral pandemic since Bill Clinton in 1996.

At his New Hampshire home on Thursday, Biden made no mention of the coronovirus and instead focused on the upcoming elections.

“The people of New Hampshire deserve better,” Biden said.

“They deserve better than we’re doing right now.

I hope we can make some progress on the road to that goal.”

The Democratic president also said he was confident he could be re-elected in 2020.

There was some skepticism about whether Biden could win re-election, given the public backlash against his handling of the pandemic and the lack of a viable alternative.

But he won re-elections in both 2008 and 2012, and his approval rating has never been lower than 60 per cent.

For the second consecutive election, Biden is facing a tough race to retain the seat that he is seeking in 2018.

After winning his first term, the Delaware senator had a tough reelection campaign in 2016, and Democrats said they were optimistic that Biden would bounce back.

However, the election is now two years away and Biden is hoping to be reelected in 2018 despite having a weakened economy and low approval ratings.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is running against Biden in the primary.

Biden was also facing primary challenges in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Former Massachusetts Gov.

Deval Patrick, who is running for the Democratic nomination, said in a tweet that he was disappointed that the president will not be attending the inauguration.

@JoeBiden in NYC.

Please join me in thanking @NYCMayorRoebeck and all our residents and leaders for all the hard work they do for our communities.

– Deval P. Patrick (@DevalPatrick) January 21, 2021