How Donald Trump will change the way you vote in November: CNN

CNN anchor John King joins the “Inside Politics” panel to discuss how Trump will be different from previous presidential candidates.

King says the “Donald Trump effect” will make people vote differently.

He says it’s hard to imagine how people can change their minds about someone who “is the most unpopular man alive.”

King says that’s not because he’s wrong about Trump.

But he says voters are more apt to vote for someone they like if they’re convinced he will do what they want.

KING: I think what we’re seeing now is the Donald Trump effect.

And I think that it will really be very difficult for the Democrats to overcome it, because it’s really just a natural reaction to something that you don’t like.

KING (via C-SPAN): We will be watching very closely what happens next.

The next president is going to be an interesting person, because I think he has to understand how it feels to have people who think like he does. KING(via C