When you see the #Covfefe emoji, we’ve got a big idea for a new emoji

In an interview with The Verge, Facebook VP of Product Matt Murphy said that the company has had a few “covfegoes” in the past.

One of them was in 2014 when Facebook launched its first emoji with the hashtag #Civfefe.

“We’ve had a couple that were really good, and we just had to let the rest go,” Murphy said.

Murphy also confirmed that the next emoji will feature an emoji that looks like the letter “C” that stands for the word “civ.”

It’s a nod to the “Cov Fefe” meme that began trending last year, and Murphy said the company is looking to “continue to make new emoji more inclusive.”

The new emoji will launch in 2018.

Facebook has also rolled out a new feature called the emoji editor, which lets users create new emoji by selecting one or more emoji, adding a new icon and adding a caption, and then saving them to the emoji file.

Murphy said these emoji editors will be available for both the iOS and Android app stores as well.

Facebook is also rolling out a beta version of its new emoji editor on the Web in an effort to help users “make more use of the new features.”