The BNP party has been banned from running in the British Election Manifesto

Posted August 08, 2019 05:30:33The BNP has been ordered to run in the 2019 General Election manifesto, despite having previously ruled out any such ambition.

A BNP spokesman said the party’s current policies, which include a rejection of immigration and a ban on Sharia law, were not compatible with the party, and that the party was “no longer interested in being a political party”.

The party is not in the running for the leadership of the Conservative Party but is expected to form a new coalition with the Labour Party to form the next government.

Mr Smith said the ban was an attack on freedom of speech, and he had called on the BNP to run.

“We will not allow a political ideology to be imposed on the British people,” he said.

“Our policies on immigration, Islam and Sharia Law have been rejected by the British public.”

Mr Smith is now campaigning for the Conservatives, the party which won the most seats in the 2018 General Election.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he was not interested in taking part in the General Election campaign.

The BN is a far-right political party that campaigned strongly for the Brexit referendum last year, and has recently gained prominence in the US.

The party has also been banned by the Electoral Commission in the UK.

It is currently not recognised by any of the political parties, and Mr Smith said he would not join the BN, which has a history of racism and antisemitism.

“I would not be a BNP member.

I am a Conservative member.

It is not a BN-affiliated party,” he added.